Manifestations is the most innovative tech presentation at the Dutch Design Week 2019. Previously, winners of the award “Best Dutch Design Week exhibition” in 2016 and named as the most innovative event in the Netherlands.


We are always looking for young creative designers with a passion for innovation. So, if you are working on a nice project or a good idea, contact us.

Why participate?

From 19 until 27 of October 2019, the doors of the future are open in Eindhoven, a city that buzzes innovation and breaths creative energy. This year is the 18th Edition of the DDW, which means you have the opportunity to share your work with thousands of visitors.
Another year more, Manifestations is one of the top locations from the Dutch Design Week because of our high-quality exhibition integrated with the most advanced projects of Art&Tech&Fun.
We are looking for the smartest ideas and new perspectives that looks promising. Through your innovative works we want to let our visitor answer the question: Will the Future Design Us?

If you want to design the future, Manifestations is your place.

Sign up for Manifestations 2019

Manifestations invites everyone who is in a professional level of innovative design in the field of tech, specifically the role of tech in the future to sign up and participate in the program.
If you join you’ll have the chance to present your work with an impressive amount of young talents, important designers and developments.
Sign up via Marie Louise Gast: organisatie [at]

Place yourself in the spotlight

Not only the general public but also trade press and sponsors are visiting Manifestations. Manifestations is an opportunity to enrich your network and do fruitful business.

Press and publicity

DDW attracts journalists and photographers, bloggers and scouts from around the world. As an official participant, your work will attract the attention of our media partners.

Get seen

Design lovers, purchasers, curators and colleagues: DDW draws a huge public. Our website and social media channels are visited and consulted with incredible frequency throughout the event.

Expand your network

During DDW you’ll make contacts with colleagues, representatives from many sectors such as commerce, education and culture, and possible collaborative partners and people that inspire you.

Have fun
Eindhoven is a real design city – with a rich industrial past and two leading educational institutes for design. It is also the home base for countless designers and their creative hatching ground.
Everyone who has attended Dutch Design Week will agree, this event excites, inspires, and is an exceptional experience.

For 9 long days, Eindhoven is the place to be in a relaxed atmosphere.

Sign up via Marie Louise Gast Velden: organisatie [at]

Manifestations organiseert al jaren maatwerkprogramma’s voor de B2B markt. Binnen ons team spreken we meerdere talen en kennen alle ins en outs van de expositie. Hierdoor kunnen we een interessant programma samenstellen voor nationale en internationale relaties.
Mogelijkheden zijn bv:– tours, relaties nationaal en internationaal (gesproken talen: Nederlands, Engels, Duits, Noors, evt Arabisch, Frans, meer)
– evt in combinatie met DDW ticket voor andere locaties en lunch of diner.
– familie dagen
– speciale VIP arrangementen met rondleiding door de creatief directeur, mogelijkheid voor eigen presentaties en netwerk event.
– meer..

Help ons mee, schrijf je hier in (lees het hele formulier door voor tijden en functies)

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